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Outdoor Adventure Game

Mapventure™ is an outdoor adventure game that allows you to venture into the streets and parks of your hometown on the quest of your choice. All you need is your phone – and a hunger for thrills!

Work your magic as a wizard’s apprentice, discover Captain Redbeard’s treasure, find a cure to a plague ravaging a medieval Italian town – and much more. Any of the adventures can be accomplished by just one player, but playing with a friend doubles the fun.

There are adventures for families with children under school age and also adults who aren’t intimidated by the challenges of a dystopian sci-fi trip.

Here's How to Play!

1. Download the app

Get the app for free from App Store or Google Play

2. Choose an adventure

Be a pirate, wizard, bank robber – or much more!

3. Solve the tasks

Uncover secrets, solve mysteries and get rewarded

Get out and have fun together

Take your family and friends with you and solve the tasks together.

Discover new 

See your home town in new light and uncover hidden secrets.

Get exercise 
while playing

Get your 10.000 daily steps just by playing – not bad at all!

You only need your phone

All the adventures go in your pocket – just waiting to be found!

Play whenever 
you want

No reservations or waiting around. You decide when the game begins and ends.

Adventures available now

Astro Pig and Laika Dog Visit Earth

Space thrills for small kids

Astro Pig and her friend Laika Dog have lost their rocket and each other after making a rough landing here on Earth. Can you help them, so that they can continue their journey?

The Unicorn & the Princess

Goofy crime story for kids

Follow the clues to solve the crime and find the Unicorn missing from the Princess. But watch the poop!

Captain Redbeard's Treasure Hunt

Rattling adventure for children

Wet boots and sudden sword fights are the best parts of pirate life! Join these lads in finding riches, fighting epic battles, and having a jolly good time with their parrots.

The Bank Heist

Pulse raiser for the quick-witted

Biggest loot of all time in the bag – and cops hot on your heels. You had an escape plan in place, but turns out your partner in crime is not quite the criminal mastermind after all. Run!

The Wizard Apprentice

Magic for all ages

You have hardly begun your journey in the wizard school, but already you face an exam. Show your skills and prove yourself in the standardized wizardry test – or your path ends before it even starts.

Plague Doctor

Medieval mystery for grown-ups

A plague is ravaging your home town in Medieval Italy. You’re just an apprentice but now a heavy burden is laid on your shoulders as your mentor falls ill. Save the town by preparing an antidote for the plague.

Escape the Droids

Sci-fi puzzles for adults

It’s 2120, and the all-seeing eye is watching your every move. Break free from the surveillance robots by outsmarting them.

More adventures coming soon!

What kind of stories would you like to see?

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